Friday, September 13, 2013

Beyond (BLHFHG) Unit 4

This week we continued reading "Stories of the Pilgrims" by Margaret Plumphrey.  The story of a family from England who choose not to worship the way the King dictated.  The family tries to flee England in hopes of reaching Holland.   After many struggles they finally make their way to the city of Amsterdam.  We learned that the city is protected by a dike.  So our history activity was to build a dike to show how the city was protected.  Here you can see our little town of Amsterdam, before and after we flooded it, to show how the dike can break and leak.
 We talked about what the city looked like and how they have windmills.  So I searched online for a craft project and we decided to make a windmill.  Directions can be found at DLKT's crafts for kids. I think we will continue to add objects to our little town so we will remember what Amsterdam is like. 
The bible verse this week was quite a long one.  We practiced reciting it every day, but I did not require memorization this time.  Our art project this week was a little lacking.  Just making barn doors and putting part of the bible verse inside.  I'm glad we choose to do a few other things that I could consider art as well. 
Science this week consisted of two experiments.  The first one was on light, showing how it is either reflected or absorbed by color.  The second one focused on buoyancy and how ships float on water. This tied in to the history story nicely as our family traveled by boat from England to Holland.   

Language arts is going a bit slow.  We are working on getting an official diagnosis of dyslexia for my son, and then making a choice for the best curriculum to use.  We still practice writing the spelling words and talking about sentences like recommended in the guide, but I don't stress about him getting it correct.  

For story time we finished the biography of Louis Braille.  JJ was excited at the end of the book when it mentioned how Helen Keller was present when his body was moved after he died from his home town to Paris.  Fitting that we read both their biographies.  Louis Braille lead in interesting life, and we really like how he choose to live life to the fullest, even though he knew it would be a short life.  

We are still reading through the assigned pages in the Beginners Bible for early readers.  Some days are better than others.  But we try to keep practicing.  And in Math U See we are learning about measurements.  Specifically inches and how many inches in a foot.  

Morning Bells has been put aside as well as the Hide 'Em in Your Heart CD as my son really does not like them.  We are using Music for Little Mozart's for piano lesson and I think that's enough music for our week.   Can't wait to see what next week will hold. 

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