Tuesday, October 15, 2013

RTR Unit 4...Finally!

We finally finished Unit 4 in RTR hooray!  With all our extra activities and a few illnesses the past week, we finally finished up Unit 4 today. 

In History we are reading about the conquering of Rome.  We have covered famous men in history such as: Attila the Hun, Theodoric the Great, and Clovis King of the Franks.  I really like the history in this program.  I am learning way more about history than I ever did in school.  One thing we did notice is that two of the main books used "The Story of the Middle Ages", and "Famous Men of the Middle Ages" tell basically the same information.  So we have decided to just read from one book.  I chose "Famous Men of the Middle Ages" because it seemed easier to read and has some wonderfully illustrated pictures.  (Remember cutting out one book is just our choice to keep the amount a reading to a minimum.)

Our History project this week was to make game pieces from bread, glue, and paint.  AJ thought this was kind of disgusting and had to use gloves because he didn't like getting his hands dirty.  (Yes, that's my boy!)  I guess we didn't read the instructions very well because you are suppose to make round disc's about 1/2 the size of a dime.  Ours were more like the size of a penny.  You will see from the pictures below you really need them to be small or when you play the game they wont fit on your map very well.  You will also need to modify a pair of dice.  On day three you get to play "Race to Rome".  It was a little silly, but AJ had fun playing the game.

This week we researched the city of Carthage and wrote a postcard for our student notebook about what we learned.  AJ enjoys using the computer to do his research.  I just need to teach him that there is more to doing research than Wikipedia.  He thinks he can get everything from there.  And we had to write a paragraph on how Clovis became a christian for the student notebook.  We discovered that it is easier to write your thoughts out on paper, then either AJ or I type them on the computer.  Then we can print them out so they fit nicely into the student notebook.  The postcard section seems really small.  They have a lot of research questions to answer and its such a small space.

Some other things we are doing with HOD RTR is a book called "Looking at Pictures".  This is basically looking at an old painting and making observations about what you see.  "Boyhood and Beyond" has been a good book to read with my son.  We get to have good discussions about how a young man should behave and how he can grow into a Godly man.  I think he is also enjoying the bible study on Philippians, though he would never admit that.  LOL!  And for story time we are reading "Myster of the Silver Coins".  Even though the main character is a girl, we are still finding this an enjoyable and exciting book to read. 

This week we started "Drawn into the Heart of Reading" which is part of the HOD program.  We choose to start with the genre of "Fantasy" since my son is enjoying reading the Warrior series of books by Erin Hunter.  He is reading "The Fourth Apprentice" and will be going through DITHOR as he reads this book.  I think this will greatly add to his language arts skills and should be enjoyable as well.

Yes we are working on math.  We are still using Math U See Pre-Algebra.  We are moving slow, still reviewing the chapters we covered last year and in about 2 weeks we should be ready to move onto new material.  I hope by February we will be ready to move into the Algebra book.

We are loving our Microbiology coloring book for science.  Below are some examples of the things we have been coloring and learning.  My son is having a great time learning about bacteria, and we hope to add some bacteria and virus slides to our collection to observe with the microscope.

Monday, October 7, 2013


Unit 6 Beyond Little Hearts for His Glory (BLHFHG)

This week in history we learned about scrubbing day, where everyone comes out and cleans their homes and windows.  This was great motivation to get us all up and cleaning around the house.  We talked more about canals and waterways in Holland and decided to use Draw Write Now book 3 to create some boats.  They aren't quite the same as the ones in Holland, but you get the idea. 
The bible lesson this week was to go back and review the memory verses for the 4 weeks.  I wasn't too thrilled with this so instead we decided to work on learning the Lord's Prayer. 


Our adventure story "The Sword in the Tree" continued this week.  We  really enjoyed this story and JJ was very good at predicting what was going to happen.  One of the activities was to create stair steps and list events that occurred in the book.  I was surprised at home much he remembered.  He loves to play with his Lego's during story time and I wasn't sure if he was listening or not, but now I know he was.  Since we finished the book this week I think next week we will read "The Adventure of Munford: Munford Meets Robert Fulton" by Jamie Aramini.  Its about Colonial America which should be appropriate for our time of history.
We are continuing to read the Beginner's Bible as part of the emerging reader schedule.  We had our testing this week for dyslexia, dysgraphia and auditory processing disorders. We will be having more testing done later and starting therapy with a speech language pathologist in 2 weeks.  I will add a separate post later for those interested in our struggles with these learning disorders.  But for now reading is going slow, but we keep plodding along as scheduled.  

In math we use Math U See and are currently on lesson 15 of the Beta book.  This week we learned about perimeter.  And I discovered I have another child who likes to calculate in their head instead of showing their work on the page.  UGH, maybe I can get this corrected before it becomes a habit.  

In language arts we are continuing to use Scott Foresman grammar lesson, and we learned about subject and predicate.  

And our poem this week was about the months of the year.  I wrote the name of each month on an index card and as we read the poem each day, JJ had to put the index cards in order.  This was fun and helped reinforce the months of the year.  

If you are on Unit 6, we hope you enjoyed the lessons as much as we did.