Curriculum 2012-2013

So for this school year we have a 2nd grader and a 6th grader.  We will be continuing on with My Father's World Creation to Greeks curriculum.  This program is pretty complete, but here is what we are adding:
Math U See, Beta and Pre-Algebra, Rod and Staff English level 6, Click n Kids for phonics and spelling.

Curriculum Review (at years end)

Having completed the school year I have to say we will not be continuing on with My Father's World.  That's not to say it isn't a good program, its just not the right fit for us.  Had we started homeschooling from Kindergarten using their program, it might have been a better fit, but trying to place children into their program from a private/public system is difficult.  I always felt that I needed to add more to the program, it felt very weak.  The book basket is a great idea, but truthfully if the books aren't scheduled as part of the program my kids wont just pick them up and read for fun.  We enjoyed learning about the Greeks and beginning of civilization, but it seemed like it could have moved a little faster.  There are other parts of the program that we just didn't enjoy.  God and the History of Art was a bit boring and the science was way too easy.  We did the first few sections and then dropped it all together, piecing together our own and used Apologia General Science for my older son. 

Rod and Staff English 6, proved to be too simple for my 6th grader.  Its a very difficult book and is intended for 7th graders to use normally, but my son is very well versed when it comes to English and Grammar.  I attribute this to a wonderful teacher he had as a 4th grader, before we began homeschooling.  I have yet to find a program that will challenge him.

Click n Kids, was a good program, but my son quickly became bored.  I think that may be because he was struggling and having to repeat many of the lessons.  He has a hard time hearing the difference between sounds when spoken, so this program may not be the best for everyone.

Math U See, we love this one.  The DVD lessons are short and fun to watch.  They explain exactly what you need to complete the worksheets.  Both my boys have enjoyed using this program and we will continue again next year.  We only got about 1/2 way through each program, but they still learned a lot. 

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